The group of healthy people with special physical needs includes the professional athletes, because they are susceptible to exceptionally severe trainings, competitions and mental tension before performance, which causes strong oxidative stress. In alternation of use of synthetic preparations, vitamins, steroids, hormones, of course it is recommendable to use natural antioxidants that enable crossing of the limits of human abilities with increased sport results.

Clinical studies and sports-scientific research have shown that activated zeolite in athletes affects the reduction of the percentage of lactate, reduction of free radicals, quick regeneration, increased sustainability, visibly better success at competitions and overall betterment of the total psychophysical condition of athletes.

Products based on activated zeolite contribute for the increase of sustainability of the organism in terms of increased physical effort, as well as reduction and elimination of muscular pain resulting from increased physical strain, which is particularly relevant for this category of users.

The data from the studies applied in 24 active athletes have proven exceptional ability of zeolite to reduce lactate. Athletes who took activated zeolite had increased efficiency by 13,98% in average, and maximally by 26% (at level 2 mmol/l lactate), confirming the unique abilities of zeolite. Its practical efficiency and effectiveness are confirmed by the personal statements by professional European athletes in almost all categories.

Thereby zeolite becomes an inevitable partner in trainings and reliable companion in world competitions. It visible promotes the psychophysical and health status of the athletes, and it was proven that it contributes for the increased readiness and sport results achieved by athletes. Regular intake of zeolite also, in a normal way,acts on the entire detoxification of the organism from heavy metals, ammonia and an entire spectrum of dangerous toxins that threaten the health and vitality of the modern human, it prevents stress and numerous health problems, so it is recommendable not only to athletes, but also to all people with active lifestyle and people exposed to increased daily stress. Activated zeolite for athletes particularly provides the following:
• reduction of the percentage of lactate
• reduction of free radicals
• faster regeneration
• increased sustainability
• visible better success at competitions.

Products based on activated zeolite are 100% natural products, without additives, contraindications and adverse effects. It does not contain any substances or supplements that are contrary to the anti-doping regulations.