Evidence shows that zeolite has multiple contribution for the health, it acts preventively on diseases of modern men, women and children, whose bodies are full of toxins, viruses, allergens, carcinogenic and other harmful substances, that have a negative impact on the immunity, energy and vitality and they represent great potential danger for the health.

Zeolite promotes the function of the immune system, it alkalizes the body and neutralizes free radicals whereby the basal concept of treatment with zeolite stems from the fact that positive effects are achieved by removing from the body the numerous positively charged particles that are harmful, toxic or carcinogenic substances by default (in a form of heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, aflatoxins, nitrosamines, ammonia, mycotoxins, lactates, radioactive particles, UV radiation, by-products of taking medications, contraceptive pills, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, drugs, alcohol, cigarette, i.e. various oxidants, components of viruses, allergens and other harmful substances).

Shortly, zeolite removes the blockages that compromise the vital life force. When the vital life force is free and activated, the body itself has natural ability to treat and mitigate chronic diseases. Zeolite confirms the theory that all diseases can be treated by natural substances and that nature has medication for everything. Hence, the definition of zeolite undoubtedly stems from this point, zeolite is a real alchemical divine gift.