Zeolite contains essential elements required for optimal functioning of the healthy cells, so it is also efficient in the prevention of premature aging. It contains micro and micro minerals that have unique pH level, that is slightly alkalizing, for the vitality of the body.

Many people are aging prematurely due to accumulation of toxins that impair the optimal metabolism and normal cell renewal. Zeolite eliminates the toxins that burden the organism, so the body functions and regenerates normally. Zeolite renews DNA and provides the body with essential substances and amino acids, which are necessary in order to assimilate vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. In this manner, it stimulates the metabolism, it strengthens the immune system, and it enables the organism to oppose the pathogenic causes and infections. Thereby this 100% natural mineral behaves as it is an assembly of numerous elements and a product of prime scientific pharmacological technology, and actually it contains no supplements or chemical reagents.