There are people whose daily routines are constantly or temporarily intensive, stressful and demanding: managers, businessmen, people prone to common diseases, emotionally and physically sensitive people, recovalescent etc. which makes them even more exposed to stress, damages due to free radicals, thereby different infective, viral, tumorous and other dangerous diseases. Preventive consumption of zeolite is a strong shield from dangers that their organism and their life is exposed to.

The preventive quantity is 4-6 grams of zeolite per day, that are taken 3x per day. The taking of the medicine is not timely limited, because it does not create dependence or a habit, it does not accumulate in the body and it has no side effects.

There are people who already feel difficulties due to impaired functions in their organism. These groups of people have real need to take higher daily doses of zeolite. In such cases, the daily preventive doses may be increased, even double. The ones who decide for such increased daily doses, are recommended to take them on regular basis because it is the only way to achieve the desired effects.