Zeolite helps in diseases of the central nervous system and neuromuscular disorders. It calms tremor, it regulates the muscular tone, it relaxes the muscular spasms and pathological reflections, so it helps in treatment of Parkinson’s disease, rheumatoid diseases, arthrosis, and it helps in the reduction of the frequency and intensity of epileptic attacks. Zeolite removes heavy metals and other toxins that are causally related to the occurrence of neurological disorders, Alzheimer, autism and dementia. The application of zeolite in multiple sclerosis results in improvement of the condition already in the second week of its use. It has particularly good reaction in young patients in the earlier stage of the disease, and in neurovegetative dystonia. In terminal stages, where foci in the brain have been developed, the results are by far more modest. Beneficial effect is also achieved in muscular dystrophy, also in the earlier stage of the disease.