Zeolite successfully eliminates various types of toxins from the body and in this way it naturally increases the energy and provides psychophysical well-being, it promotes the mood, it eliminates insomnia, neurosis and depression. Research has shown that zeolite harmonizes the production of neurotransmitter chemicals, so called serotonin, the famous happiness hormone, that affects emotions, behavior and thoughts which, when it is balanced, provide satisfaction and mental relaxation, and it is particularly important in regulation of abnormal mental condition, such as depression.

Zeolite also mitigates the difficulties from menopause. Many users of zeolite express a feeling of energy boost, increased concentration, mental clarity, vitality, better mood, feeling of tranquility and satisfaction. We call this ‘positive secondary effect’, because the elimination of heavy metals from the body provides preservation of magnesium and the body functions successfully, with increased biological source of bodily energy. When this interaction takes place at optimal level, people have a feeling of their own energy and they feel good.