Zeolite is applied as adjuvant-roborant therapy in hepatitis, tumor and cirrhosis of the liver, i.e. in mononucleosis. Research has shown that zeolite has an important antiviral action, including hepatitis C, where the application of zeolite gave a positive response in more than 70% of the patients. Patients suffering from hepatitis C show reduced viral level in the blood, fast regeneration of the liver and ultimate disappearance of the virus.

In the private clinics Humanomed 2 in Villach under the leadership of Dr. Wolfgang Thome, research with 120 patients has been conducted, they were divided into three groups. The antioxidant, immunomodulatory and antiviral actions of zeolite have been monitored. This research showed important antiviral action, including patients suffering from hepatitis C. The positive response was obtained in at least 70% of the patients. In the group of patients suffering from hepatitis C, reduction of the viral titer in the blood has been achieved, as well as liver regeneration, whereby no further presence of virus in the liver has been found.

The application of zeolite in liver diseases, including chronic viral hepatitis, after some period of therapy, shows loss of fatigue and flatulence, as well as reduction of transaminase in the blood. AST, ALT, GOT, AP, LDH and bilirubin are normalized.

Numerous examples show that in decompensated cirrhosis, already in the first month of taking the preparation there is improvement of the general condition, withdrawal of ascites, and regulation of the enzymatic system of the liver.