The immune system of the human body is extremely complex and intelligent metabolic system that protects and maintains the integrity of the organism. It comprises of an army of specialized cells, molecules suppliers and biological memories, that recognize, differ, destroy and eliminate many intruders, abnormal cell and all foreign substances and microorganisms that attach and infect the body. The complex detectors of the immune system comprise of white blood cells, lymph an antibodies and they constantly struggle with thousands of aggressive toxins, viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites that may potentially damage every part of the body.

The immune system is also very important in the detection of mutation in the organism, such as generated tumorous cancer cells or toxic chemicals, which occur as by-products of the metabolism or they are absorbed from the environment. And finally, the immune system is activated in different injuries, so it has a vital role in the regeneration of damaged tissue, it heals and maintains the overall homeostasis in the organism.

It is indisputable that the immune system is absolutely crucial for the human health, because without its support, the human cannot live longer than one or two days.

The immune system of an average modern human usually does not function optimally, in the way it should, which is a consequence of an array of circumstances: stress that accompanies the modern way of life, reduction of the nutritional value of food, exposure to chemical substances and toxins in consumed food, the air that the human breathes, the water that he drinks and the medications that he takes.

Zeolite has an important role in the balance of the immune system. As it is known, zeolite removes the toxins from the body, especially heavy metals. Thereby magnesium, which is stored in the organism, may have an efficient interaction with the metabolic energetic source. When this reaction takes place at an optimal level, people feel natural inflow of increased energy and vitality, increased concentration and mental clarity.

There are different impairments of the immune system that cause numerous autoimmune diseases. It is known that in malignant diseases and HIV it is a matter of an insufficient activity of the immune system. Contrary to this, rheumatoid arthritis occurs as a result of excessive activity of the immune system. Zeolite modulates the effects of the immune system, it promotes and stimulates efficient, harmonized and balanced action of the immune system, and it contributes in both types of immunological disorder i.e. zeolite is an immunomodulator.
Research has also shown that zeolite increases the level of serotonins, the neurotransmitters that affect the emotions, behavior and thoughts. All these elements have an impact of the ability of the immune system to oppose an infection.

The mechanisms of the immunostimulatory action of zeolite have been subject of numerous scientific researches and many studies have been published. Zeolite does not stimulate the immune system directly, rather it enables its optimal functioning whereby it eliminates all harmful substances that reduce the immune function and burden the hormonal activity.