Numerous modern scientists throughout the world deal with zeolite, as a substance for removal of heavy metals, pesticide and chemical toxins from the organism, and particularly due to its almost incredible abilities to connect heavy metals and undesirable toxic chemicals and that it removes them from the body.

It is known that almost every person who lives in a modern society today has hundreds or foreign synthetic and dangerous chemicals in the body. Research showed that zeolite can remove these chemical, which is extremely important when it comes to cancer prevention, Alzheimer, birth defects, diabetes and numerous other modern diseases.

The modern society today discharges thousands of different chemicals in the environment, and more than 90% of them are potentially dangerous for human health. The modern man lives in a sea of contamination. Many toxins that cause cancer and that are dangerous for the brain and the nervous system, are mostly carried by humans in their bodies. Toxins today can be found even in unborn children and these children before or after the birth, or in the stage of their growth, and they can cause numerous diseases and damages.

Heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, mercury, aluminum, nickel and cadmium are absolutely undesirable in the human body. The accumulation of these toxins in the fatty cells, the bones, the glands with internal secretion, hair or in the central nervous system, often result in harmful health consequences.

Mercury is known as heavy carcinogenic meta toxin that importantly damages the function of the immune system and creates blockage in the autonomous nervous system. The modern human today is exposed to numerous sources of mercury: power plants and waste burning furnaces send a lot of mercury in the air; for many years all vaccines contained mercury, and many still contain it. By the way, there’s a study that shows that every vaccine against flu increases the risk for getting an Alzheimer’s disease because these vaccines contain mercury. It has also been determined that mercury’s amalgam, which is contained in dental fillings, is a dangerous carcinogenic source, because mercury vapor is constantly released from the dental amalgam, and then it is inhaled or swallowed. In the body it converts into an organic form known as >>methyl mercury<<. It can pass the natural brain barrier, which is related to Alzheimer, multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and autism. These highly reactive substances cause damages of the arteries and ganglia. The test of persons who had infection with candida showed that more than 80% of them had increased level of mercury in their bodies.

People often do not know that their system is exposed to intoxication. Numerous categories of industrial and agricultural workers are exposed to various toxic chemicals, gases and substances during their work. Such is the exposure to arsenic which is quite dangerous for workers in refineries. In modern farming of numerous agricultural crops, fruits and vegetables today, unfortunately there has been an increasing use of numerous herbicides, pesticides, insecticides andother substances with extreme toxicity. Also the different sprays for tanning leather are dangerous, and altogether results in high risk of lung cancer and skin cancer in these workers.

Formaldehyde is a carcinogenic chemical that many people often contact: furniture manufacturers, hospital and laboratorial staff, new cars smell of formaldehyde (which makes people identify with luxury, and the smell actually originates from the factory for seats and rugs).

Furthermore, benzene, diesel steam, hair color, synthetic fiber, painting materials etc. are also carcinogenic. Longer exposure to their effects is related to increased rate of different cancers. It is estimated that works related to exposure to carcinogenic substances cause 12% of the total number of cancers.

The high correlation with a mortality growth due to breast cancer shows exposure to chemicals from the environment and in the vicinity of toxic waste dumps. There’s a whole array of chemicals from the environment that can imitate the estrogen in the human body, which is believed to cause breast cancer.

In most modern countries with tendency to pollute/contaminate drinking water with numerous pollutants/contaminants, including heavy metals such as lead, i.e. viral microorganisms, fluorides, chlorides and industrial waste. Researches show that exposure to contaminated water increases the risk of cancer development and other consequences that are harmful for the health.

Risk of cancer also implies living near a power plant, because the radioactive gases released by nuclear power plants contaminate the water and the soul, and this has chain effects on the food chain, and to the health, and altogether it increases the risk of cancer development.

Zeolite was successfully used during the Chernobyl disaster, when it property as an absorbent of radioactive substances came to the fore. Tons of zeolite have been used with an intention to remove the radioactive cesium and strontium 90, before they contaminate the system of waters in Chernobyl.

Some of the dangerous substances eliminated by zeolite include the mycotoxins, i.e. aflatoxin as an extremely toxic subgroup of the mycotoxins, and which is related to stomach, kidney and liver cancer. Aflatoxins quickly multiply due to the negative impact of the radiation on the saprophytic bacteria that control the development of aflatoxins in normal conditions.

It is know that in the times of war, the doctors from Bosnia reported on frequent occurrence of even three parallel malignant diseases of the same organism, which has not been registered by medicine until then. Similar to this is the epidemic of cancer in children in Iraq, but also in Afghanistan and in other war regions. In all diseased, different quantities of DU – depleted uranium have been found, which is used in modern military armament, whose radiation and radioactive particles contaminate not only the military area, but rather a much wider area.

How should you face with all these toxins inhaled from the air, taken through food and water, located in the environment, at your workplace, how can you prevent their negative consequences? What can you do to live healthy, without fearing from invisible toxins that surround you?

Zeolite is an absorbent that directly cleans the body and through the body it successfully and safely removes the heavy metals and other toxins. Research has shown that the main threat from the human health comes from the exposure to heavy metals. The World Health Organization has prepared some extensive studies that considered these metals and their effects on human health. The last studies have shown that zeolite has an incredible ability to remove these heavy metals from the body through a process of ion exchange. This process reduces the risk for development of heart diseases and certain types of cancer.

The zeolite crystals act like cages, and inside them there are positive ions, essential cations such as Ca, Mg, K, Cu, Zn, Fe etc. that are very important for the organism. These positive essential ions in the process of ion exchange replace their positions with the positively charged toxins from the body, that are strongly connected within the crystal lattice and thereby they are completely excreted from the body. A great advantage of this natural procedure of detoxification is that toxins are excreted 100%. All toxins unconditionally leave the body, without temporary or occasional delay. Zeolite connects 40% of the heavy metals already in the gastrointestinal tract, and it connects 60% of the toxins in the bloodstream, at cell level.

In a study at Duke University in USA it was proven that zeolite has a property of a cleaner in the removal (elimination) of heavy metals, particularly lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic, i.e. pesticides, herbicides PCBS, mycotoxins, that is aflatoxin and other toxins, that have casual relation with the occurrence of an array of various diseases, including cancer and neurological disorders such as Alzheimer, autism and dementia.

Zeolite removes the toxins from the body according to the hierarchical standing. Primarily it acts on lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic. This first stage last about 4 weeks or longer. Then zeolite secondarily removes the toxins, by priority, which refers to pesticides, herbicides, xenoestrogens, mycotoxins and other different chemicals, yeast, fungus and mold, eliminating them through the urine and the stool.

Dr. Gabriel Cousens is the leading American scientist in the research of zeolite as a detoxifier and he published some quite interesting results from his research, that confirm the exceptional detoxifying properties of zeolite.

The American Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center has conducted a pilot study about detoxification of heavy metals, specifically DU – depleted uranium, as a very widespread radioactive contaminant that is a consequence of the use of weapons, then PFOA-teflon acid as a carcinogenic element of Teflon, and another 14 to 16 heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides and mycotoxins. The detoxifier was zeolite in combination with chlorophyll from green juice. The content of toxins in the liver, lungs and brain has also been analyzed. The persons under research initially had approximately 90 to 95% toxins in their vital organs. After one month of taking zeolite and green juice, all persons had 0 toxins, 100% of the toxins have been removed from all organs. These results also speak about the very positive synergy of zeolite and green juice.