Zeolite mitigates and eliminates the negative effects of conducted chemotherapy and radiotherapy, which are the reason why such therapies have to be stopped for a certain period, or permanently. Zeolite enables easier toleration of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, that is, their continuation, it also enables significant improvement of the condition of the patient and it accelerates the recovery after conducted chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

It is recommendable to take zeolite with chemotherapy or radiation, because it has an important contribution for reduction of difficulties caused by such therapies and provides faster recovery of the diseased.

The clinical research has shown that zeolite reduces the need of analgesics and narcotics and contributes for the reduction and elimination of liquids from the abdominal cavity (ascites). Some hematological and biological indicators are being normalized: SE, E, L, tr, gGT, AST, ALT, whereby what is particularly important is the balance of the level of sedimentation, increase of the level of iron in blood and increase of the number of blood cells. LDH is particularly quickly normalized, and the diffusion capacity of the lungs is increased, i.e. contractility of the cardiac muscles. The patient’s health is generally improved, thereby creating conditions for application i.e. continuation of the applied chemotherapy.

Zeolite mitigates the negative effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy such as vomiting, nausea, loss of appetite, weight loss etc. The fungi in the mouth and the esophagus disappear, and these fungi are a common occurrence in chemotherapy and make the recovery more difficult. The general condition of the diseased is visibly improved, by gaining weight and in most cases they have a need of food. Depression and insomnia in most patients is eliminated, they wake up with a will to live. Zeolite enables quick improvement of the general condition in patients that receive chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

It also contributes for the elimination of fungal diseases of the skin, the mucous membranes or internal organs that may also occur as a consequence of antibiotic therapy or reduced immunity during radio or chemotherapy or some other accompanying disease.