Case studies

Digestion, Diarhhea

Digestion disorders have become a widely spread health problem. Nutrition with many industrially processed foods, reduced nutritional value in fresh fruits and vegetables and fast-food […]

Balance of the pH level – ACID / Base balance

The balance of acids and bases that is tested with the pH level, protects the organism from many diseases of today’s civilization. To ensure protection […]

Antiviral and Antiallergic Effects

Although an array of microorganisms have the ability to damage the organism, viruses are extremely harmful and they are considered undesirable intracellular parasites.

Viruses reduce the […]


The immune system of the human body is extremely complex and intelligent metabolic system that protects and maintains the integrity of the organism. It comprises […]

Hormonal Activity

Zeolite harmonizes and promotes the operation of glands with internal secretion, especially the activity of the lymph nodes.

Zeolite in prevention of embryo defects

It has been proven that zeolite protects the embryo from the harmful effect of heavy metals and other dangerous toxins that are eventually present in […]