Case studies

Anticarcinogenic Effect

The mechanisms of the anticarcinogenic and antimetastatic action of the zeolite have been researched by scientists from the Croatian Institue R. Boskovic, under the guidance […]

Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy

Zeolite mitigates and eliminates the negative effects of conducted chemotherapy and radiotherapy, which are the reason why such therapies have to be stopped for a […]

Cancer Prevention

Cancer prevention was one of the biggest challenges of medicine in the 20th century. With the growth of environmental pollution and contamination of food and […]

Gynecological Infections

The application of zeolite in gynecology has shown quite an optimistic results in different bacterial and viral infections, including HPV, as well as disorders of […]

Alcohol Detoxification

It is known that increased quantity of alcohol in blood impairs the normal biological process, and it is least favorably reflected on the ability of […]

Osteoporosis and Bone Healing

Zeolite increases the bone density, it also has beneficial effect on the bone structure and the formation of bones, thereby it contributes in osteoporosis and […]

Neurodegenerative Diseases

Zeolite helps in diseases of the central nervous system and neuromuscular disorders. It calms tremor, it regulates the muscular tone, it relaxes the muscular spasms […]

Lung Diseases

Zeolite increases the diffusion capacity of the lungs and demonstrates positive contribution in adult respiratory stress syndrome, asthma, cystic fibrosis, lung emphysema and bronchopulmonary dysplasia.

Liver Diseases

Zeolite is applied as adjuvant-roborant therapy in hepatitis, tumor and cirrhosis of the liver, i.e. in mononucleosis. Research has shown that zeolite has an important […]

Cardiovascular Diseases

Zeolite prevent brain and heart attack, in increases the contractility of the cardiac muscles and it contributes for normalization of the heart rhythm, by reducing […]