Case studies

Zeolite Benefits: Mineral of the Future

Short review of results from scientific research and analysis by numerous recognized authors worldwide.

The results of the application of zeolite in medicine are based on […]

Why take zeolite?

Evidence shows that zeolite has multiple contribution for the health, it acts preventively on diseases of modern men, women and children, whose bodies are full […]

Preventive use of preparation!

There are people whose daily routines are constantly or temporarily intensive, stressful and demanding: managers, businessmen, people prone to common diseases, emotionally and physically sensitive […]

Scientific studies in sports

Dr. Christian Knapitsch, a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation and Prof. Mag. Siegfried Schmolzer, sports scientist: Double-blind study, in which 24 athletes participated, showed […]

Zeolite in Sport

The group of healthy people with special physical needs includes the professional athletes, because they are susceptible to exceptionally severe trainings, competitions and mental tension […]

Rejuvenation and Longevity

Zeolite contains essential elements required for optimal functioning of the healthy cells, so it is also efficient in the prevention of premature aging. It contains […]


Zeolite successfully eliminates various types of toxins from the body and in this way it naturally increases the energy and provides psychophysical well-being, it promotes […]


Numerous modern scientists throughout the world deal with zeolite, as a substance for removal of heavy metals, pesticide and chemical toxins from the organism, and […]

Antioxidant Effects

The cage structure of zeolite attracts and removes the molecules of free radicals, which results into reduced cell damage and makes zeolite an efficient antioxidant. […]

Blood Sugar

While zeolite, as a ion pump, eliminates the excess of protons and balances the pH of the body, simultaneously, according to the same principle, it […]