Cancer prevention was one of the biggest challenges of medicine in the 20th century. With the growth of environmental pollution and contamination of food and water, the probability of cancer disease had grown dramatically. Heavy metals, as well as herbicides, pesticides, mycotoxines etc., have the ability to cause cancer. The mostly widespread cancerous element is nitrosamine, and very dangerous causers are medications, additives and other numerous toxic substances that we intake in our organism with food, water, air…

Due to its ability to connect a huge number of positively charged toxins, thereby indirectly neutralizing their effect, that encourages occurrence of cancer, zeolite has an important position in the fight with difficult malignant and other chronic diseases.

It is scientifically proven that zeolite connects and neutralizes nitrosamine in the gastrointestinal tract. This is very important, considering the danger of nitrosamines found in processed products, in smoke from cigarettes and in beer. Nitrosamines are powerful and dangerous causers of cancer and they are responsible for the dramatically increased risk of cancer development.

They are inhaled or enter the body through food, drinks and through our skin. They are consumed almost every day in processed meat: bacon, sausages, salami, meat sandwiches, drinks, conserved soups and other factory processed products. The growth of the rate of pancreatic cancer in the world is 68%, and the growth of colon cancer is similar. Leukemia and brain cancer have also strong correlation with the consumption of processed meat. Since recently it has been known that nitrosamines are the causative factor for diabetes type II.

Although the nitrosamines are quite carcinogenic, in order to become capable to act on the DNA and to cause mutation i.e. cancer, nitrosamines primarily require metabolic activation. Zeolite, as a selective absorbent is capable of removing the nitrosamines from the organism. Zeolite catches and isolates the nitrosamine components from the body, i.e. it preventatively acts on its biochemical action in the body. This simple effect of zeolite on annual basis can save and protect the lives of millions of children and adults around the world.

Regarding the prevention of the various types of cancer you can read more in the section titled detoxifier, that is, zeolite, the most effective known detoxifier.