The balance of acids and bases that is tested with the pH level, protects the organism from many diseases of today’s civilization. To ensure protection blood function in the body, the most optimal pH level is about 7.4.

Impaired acid-base balance may cause difficulties of the locomotor system, back pain, osteoporosis, rheumatoid disorders, including arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, spondylosis, discopathy and ischialgia, then difficulties of the digestive system, gastritis, intestinal inflammations, cramps, impaired intestinal flora, candidiasis, chronic fatigue, sleepiness, lack of energy, depression, excessive nervousness, heart diseases and diseases of the cardiovascular system, low blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia, headache, migraine, caries, paradentosis, renal disbalance, gout, reduced muscular sustainability and rigidity, low pain threshold. The acidic pH at the same time creates an assumption for the occurrence of cancer and brain cells damage with consequences such as depression, anxiety, numbness, even psychosis.

Due to the modern way of life, most people have too acidic organisms. The average nutrition contains too much meat, sugar, starch and refined carbohydrates, all known as highly acidic food. People do not drink sufficient quantities of water, and water alkalizes the body. The body also reacts with hyperproduction of acids in numerous situations: in consumption or cigarettes, in stress or lack of movement, in polluted environments and different factors of demineralization of the organism, in cold, in women during their menstrual cycle, in consumption of a lot of sweet products, because the sugar is a known <>thief>> of the bases.

In order to neutralize the excess of oxygen, the organism increasingly wastes minerals, some of which include calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc. For this reason some hidden culprits are responsible for teeth problems and occurrence of caries, i.e. the excess of acids and lack of bases. Fatigue and insomnia are often a reflection of the increase of acids in the organism. When acidity grows, the body may also react with strong pain. Acidity is one of the most frequent digestive impairments. Impaired acid and base balance is a common cause for inflammation of the gastric mucous membrane. It is considered that in order to counterbalance specific quantity of meat, you should consume sevenfold quantity of fruit in order to establish acid/base balance.
The acids in the organism mature with food, however specific acids are produces by the liver, the pancreas and the stomach. For good digestion, to excuse harmful and unnecessary matters without fermentation and flatulence, the stomach and intestinal content should have balanced pH, semi-acidic and semi-basal.

Every growth of the body acidity, so called pH level affects not only numerous bodily metabolic and digestive functions, but also the functioning of the brain and the immune system. Acidic pH also creates preconditions for development of cancer and other dangerous diseases, such as candidiasis and chronic fatigue.

The balanced pH level contributes for the destruction of candida, which belongs to the group of fungus that is naturally present among the intestinal villi and folds of the intestinal mucosa. Uncontrolled proliferation of candida occurs as a result of taking antibiotics, contraception, hormonal and immunosuppressive therapy. The consequences are unpleasant local infection, however also possible damage of the intestinal function. If candida persists in the body longer period of time, the walls of the digestive organs are saturated with toxins, because the intestines become permeable for various harmful matters and allergens from the food. These toxins disable development of friendly bacteria and the difficulties are multiplied. In addition to its direction destruction of candida, zeolite also removes the toxins that in creates in the intestines.

For the purpose of prevention of the diseases that are being developed in an acidic environment, it is necessary to neutralize the acid and renew the pH balance. Zeolite acts as a protective system, because it connects the acidic excess and eliminates it from the body. This causes growth of the pH, meaning growth of the alkalinity. Zeolite has the ability to balance the acid-base level, because it established a pH level between 7.35 and 7.45.

When an optimal pH level is present in the body, proper metabolic and digestive functions take place, the brain function is promoted and the immune system functions in ideal conditions. In this manner zeolite prevents and directly helps in the numerous indicated difficulties and diseases that are the result of increase acidity in the organism.