Although an array of microorganisms have the ability to damage the organism, viruses are extremely harmful and they are considered undesirable intracellular parasites.

Viruses reduce the cell ability to self-reproduce, because they take the nutrients from the cell, which are required for its reproduction and use them for their own reproduction i.e. for multiplication of the virus. Viruses case a large sequence of disease that may, but not necessarily, have clear diagnostic symptoms. In many cases the symptoms may hide the real diagnosis or they may suggest some different disease. And finally, some viruses target specific tissues, organs or systems in the body and may cause local infections, such as throat pain or general infection such as flue.

With so many microorganisms and viruses that constantly bombard the organism, medical therapy with medications becomes less efficient, on the contrary it causes additional problems of the immune system. Thereby the use of zeolite in such cases had justified and successful action, because in addition to increase of the power of the immune system, zeolite simultaneously directly removes the viral components from the body.

It is know that viruses occur from separate components i.e. part, like in a production line. In the end of the process the complete virus is constructed. By binding the previral components, zeolite prevents multiplication of the virus and disables them to develop some of the numerous viral infections in the body. The zeolite structure of honeycomb absorbs viruses in their pores, leaving the body to remove them efficiently through the urine, stool or sweat. This explains how zeolite stops the development of many viral infections, including herpes virus 1, coxachi virus B-5, ecco-virus 7, adenovirus 5, which is proven in the scientific study made at the Institute R. Boskovic.

There are numerous anecdotal cases when herpes zoster has been healed. Patients that suffered from herpes zoster, 3 days after use of zeolite stopped feeling pain, and other studies have shown that zeolite is also efficient in the treatment of colds, flu, sniffle, hepatitis C, rheumatoid arthritis and some forms of multiple sclerosis,etc.

The antiviral property of zeolite is manifested 6 weeks after the beginning of treatment. After zeolite removes heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides and other toxins with stronger positive charge from the organism, the process of elimination of viral components begins. However, practice shows that in some specific cases the antiviral effect takes place immediately.

Antiviral effect of zeolite are very important in the defense against infective diseases and the always potential dangers of a pandemic, such as avian flu (bird flu). This does not imply that zeolite is a medicine for avian flu or some similar viral disease, however it represents possible assistance, because it reduces the quantity of the virus much more directly than other therapies.

Considering that zeolite blocks the viral multiplication, it represents a scientifically proven antiviral means and a recommendable remedial means for all types of viral diseases.