The mechanisms of the anticarcinogenic and antimetastatic action of the zeolite have been researched by scientists from the Croatian Institue R. Boskovic, under the guidance of Prof. Kesimir Pavelic. Their research has been the incentive for the research by the American, Japanese, Austrian and other world scientist. The contribution of the American scientist Dr. Harvey Kaufman particularly stands out, who patented the liquid zeolite, which is used in USA as adjuvans (assistive) therapy in numerous chronic and severe diseases.

Prof. Pavelic and the associates have announced that activated zeolite shows unexpectedly positive effect in cancer, infectious and autoimmune diseases. Doctors have also noticed positive effects in diabetes, Crohn’s disease, psoriasis and some autoimmune diseases. The mechanism of action comprises of strengthening of the immunological reaction, and it has been found that tumors such as melanoma, adenocarcinoma or glioblastoma are susceptible to the action of activated zeolite.

Zeolite has the rare ability to preserve an enormous number of positively charged ions in its microporous structure, which also cause cancer. In addition to direct neutralization of its carcinogenic effect, further process of anticarcinogenic activity takes place. Due to the attraction of positive substances that surround the carcinogenic molecule, zeolite gradually develops positive charging and ultimately becomes positively charged as a whole. Hence, it is pulled towards the membrane of the carcinogenic cells, which is negatively charged. Thereby certain cell genes are activated, such as the gene p21, that control the progress of the cycle of cell division (apoptosis) and it is important for the functioning of tumor suppression. The activation of that cell gene stops the tumor growth by direct suppression of the growth signal, the consequence of which is effect on the cancer, from deceleration and stoppage of the growth to partial and total remission.

Zeolite also established normal pH level in malignant cells. Tumor cells thrive in acidic surrounding, successfully avoiding detection of the immune system. Zeolite establishes pH value of 7.4, so when malignant cells are in such increased alkaline environment, they do not have the opportunity to double and after 6 weeks that gradually start to die.
By researching the immunostimulatory action of zeolite, the scientists have proven that it behaves like superantiges, so one may speak about a super-vaccine as a type of immunostimulatory action, which is very important in the adjuvant treatment of autoimmune, infective and malignant diseases. The superantigens are represented as a group of bacteria and viral toxins that can cause cell death in the population of T lymphocytes. Superantigens may improve or reduce the immune reactions of numerous antigens, present in most diseases, especially in autoimmune diseases. These properties of activated zeolite have been confirmed in hematological diseases, primarily in leukemia.

Regarding the issue of whether zeolite is safe and whether it is indeed a substance that helps to save lives and prevent cancer and other degenerative disease, in addition to the numerous toxicological and other scientific evidence, the answer was offered by the American researcher and nutritionist Mike Adams, who in 2005 published excerpts from a study by Prof. Rick Dietsch regarding the results of the application of zeolite in natural anticarcinogenic therapy, indicating that the obtained results exceed the results of many known therapeutic procedures.
He indicated that zeolite is a substance that in specific researches correlation with cancer remission i.e. complete disappearance of the symptoms. Although it is a matter of preliminary research, the results were so good that since that time they attract constant attention by the American and world scientific circles and wide public.
In accordance with these researches, zeolite proves the activity in reduced risk for cancer occurrence. The obtained results by an American pilot study have shown that in 89% of the cases there was total remission of the symptoms in various types of cancer. The study is called <>11 strategies to win cancer>> and it was prepared in relation to the research by LifeLink Pharmaceuticals in USA in the state of Ohio. In addition to zeolite as the basic and primary <>strategist>> in the fight against cancer, this research included parallel use of some other natural products: algae, liquid oxygen etc.

Apart from the research at the Institute “R. Boskovic” and some other scientific institutions in Croatia, numerous clinical researches have been performed, particularly in the Austrian clinics Humanomed II in Villach and in the Austrian Provincial hospital in Leoben. These researches included numerous types of cancer: cancer of cervix uterus, breast cancer, tumor MiaPaCa2, pancreatic cancer, HeLa, cervical cancer and Hep2 cancer of human larynx, melanoma B15, benign tumors and prostate cancer, liver cancer, Crohn’s disease, cancer of the small intestine, colon cancer, cancer of the lungs, bronchi, bladder, hepatocellular cancer, glioblastoma, head and neck cancers, leukemia etc. The application of the activated zeolite led to improvement of the overall health condition, continuation of the life expectancy, reduction of the tumor size, and in specific cases it disappeared completely.

Local application of zeolite for skin cancer reduces the formation and the growth of the tumor. In-vitro cultures show that zeolite contains protein kinase B(c-Akt), so that it encourages the development of p2j WEF1/CIP1 and p37KIP1 tumor suppressive proteins i.e. it stops the development of cancerous cells on several cell lines.

The application of zeolite in patients with malignant diseases within relatively short period causes improvement of the general condition and increase of body weight, and in regard to the diagnosis, the symptoms of the disease are mitigated and the quality of life is improved, and partial or complete remission of the disease, which depends on a sequence of factors: the psychophysical condition of the patient, the living condition, the type of tumor, the stage of the disease, the duration of the therapy… Experience has shown that after complete remission you should continue the preventive therapy in order to maintain the immunity and prevent recurrence.