It is known that increased quantity of alcohol in blood impairs the normal biological process, and it is least favorably reflected on the ability of the liver to detoxify blood. The consequence is that metabolites are increasingly intoxicated, which is much more dangerous than the current problem of alcohol consumption. The reason for this is that intoxicated metabolites cause drowsiness: nausea, headache, discomfort and anxiety. Zeolite mitigates the described side effects of increased alcohol consumption, because it eliminates not only the alcohol toxins, but also the metabolic toxins.


In theprogram of detoxification of the organism from heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, nitrosamines, aflatoxins, mycotoxins, radioactive substances, UV radiation, ammonia, lactate, in long term use of medications, chemo and radiotherapy, contraceptive pills, in excessive glucose (diabetes), gastric acids, viruses in the organism.

Program for intensive detoxification

Recommended daily intake of zeolite is 8-10 grams a day, divided in 3 meals. It should be taken immediately before the meal or with the meal. It is important to increase the consumption of liquids, at least 2-3 liters a day.

The intensive detoxification therapy is conducted one to two months, and in indications of severe forms of intoxication, therapy with duration up to three months is recommended. Zeolite acts selectively in the process of detoxification, so it primarily eliminates heavy metals, afterward the pesticides, herbicides, mycotoxins, while the viral components come next and their elimination from the organism starts in average after 6 weeks of therapy.

In cases of severe intoxication with heavy metals, pesticides and similar toxins, before the termination of the program of intensive detoxification, it is recommendable to make an analysis of toxins in the organism, possibly FRAS analysis.

After the program of intensive detoxification, it is recommendable to continue taking preventive therapy, which permanently protects the organism from the daily toxic intake, radiation, blood acidity, stress and other difficulties, thereby suppressing numerous infective, viral, tumorous and other diseases.

Use in alcohol consumption

During alcohol consumption, the capsules may be taken before, during or immediately after the consumption, depending on the circumstances. It is recommendable to take them with water, 2 capsules for every glass of alcohol. After alcohol consumption drink 6 capsules at once.

For people where alcohol presence in blood is not desirable, the recommendable daily doses are 2-3 capsules, 2-3 times a day, taken with water, before a meal or during a meal.
Intake of more than 15 capsules at once is not recommendable.


It is recommendable to take zeolite as adjuvans and roborans along with chemotherapy or radiotherapy, because it conducts adequate detoxification of the organism, it mitigates and eliminates the negative effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, i.e. it enables importantly faster recovery.
The recommended daily doses are minimum 12-14 grams (4-8) capsules a day.

The therapy is divided in 4 to 8 daily meals. In clinical conditions, the patient receives it in 8 daily meals, every 2 hours. If such manner of taking is not convenient, the daily doses may be divided in 4 or 6 daily meals.

If the chemotherapy contains heavy metals (platinum or lithium), in such case zeolite is not taken on the day of application of the chemotherapy and two days after the chemotherapy. Then the therapy is continued with increased doses.

Thanks to the beneficial action of zeolite, many diseased, who otherwise have difficulty in tolerating chemotherapy and radiotherapy or do not tolerate it at all, manage to finish the entire oncological program of therapies.